EuroAtlantic AG

Niederlassung Düsseldorf
Dreischeibenhaus 1
40211 Düsseldorf

Telefon +49 (0)30 - 54908069-0

Kontakt am Messestand

Name Position Telefon E-Mail
Henrik Bartl Vorstand, Chief Financial Officer +49 30 54908069-0
Eiko Behrens Managing Director +49 30 54908069-0
Arnulf Damerau Chairman +49 30 54908069-0
Charlotte Damerau Office Manager +49 30 54908069-0
Matthias Eitschberger Chief of Staff +49 30 54908069-0
RA Dr. August Hanning Mitglied des Beirates & Rechtsabteilung
Staatssekretär a.D.
Präsident des Bundesnachrichtendienstes a.D.
+49 30 54908069-0
Nicolaus Harnack Managing Director +49 30 54908069-0
Horst Jentschura Vorstand +49 30 54908069-0
Klaus Lintemeier Managing Director Strategy and Communications +49 30 54908069-0
Dr. Michael Theim Mitglied des Aufsichtsrats +49 30 54908069-0


EuroAtlantic Group is a global family office based in Berlin, London and New York, and focuses on growth equity and value investing across technology, private equity and real estate. Each principal has over 30 years investment track record in commodities, renewable energy resources, technology, real estate and hospitality industries. EuroAtlantic Group manages over € 1bn in real estate projects globally and is a shareholder in the world’s leading cloud-native cybersecurity firm and the world’s largest digital health data cloud, both at the forefront of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

EuroAtlantic’s management team is advised by a group of senior international policy, security, and technology experts.